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Is Your Backyard Safe? 5 Summer Safety Tips to Consider

Summer is on its way, and with it you may expect an occasional skinned knee or sunburn. Sometimes, while you’re busy planning backyard barbecues or playground playdates, it can be easy to forget that injuries may occur in your own backyard. Consider these tips on how to spot and remove…

little girl in pink swimsuit playing in kiddie pool in backyard.

1. Find and Fill Holes in Your Yard

From dying tree roots to digging critters, holes in your yard may be a potential source of injuries for your friends and family. Consider doing a thorough walkthrough of your front and back yards. Be sure to examine the ground and grass for loose soil and holes that may cause a twisted ankle or tripping. Fill any holes with soil and if you feel you have a recurring pest issue, you may want to call a professional for help.

2. Grill With Caution

You may have been dreaming of throwing a backyard barbecue since winter. But careless grilling may cause burns or fires. Before you start cooking up that first burger of the summer, consider these tips from the National Fire Protection Association:

  • Check your gas grill for hose leaks, blockages and holes.
  • Never step away from the grill while it’s on.
  • If using a charcoal grill, wait for the coals to cool completely before disposing.