Memorial Day is a popular time for Americans to escape to destinations around the country for a long weekend. Many will load up their recreational vehicle with outdoor toys and their pets to visit family or head to their favorite camping spot.

RVs come in various shapes and sizes and include towable campers and toy haulers (conventional or fifth-wheel) and motorhomes. Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) survey data from 2013 shows that an estimated 14 million Americans planned to spend their Memorial Day weekend in an RV.

“The modern RV offers comfort, flexibility and convenience that makes roughing it in the great outdoors not so rough,” said Jeff Sadler, Allstate product line manager. “Following simple safety procedures and having proper RV insurance coverage can keep the focus on enjoying time with friends and family.”

In preparation for Memorial Day and a summer of camping, Allstate offers insurance and safety reminders to help consumers feel confident their camper is properly insured and road-ready.

Are You Covered?: It’s a good idea to make sure your insurance is up-to-date and that you have the proper RV coverage.

  • Awning: The awning is part of your camper and especially important to help keep shaded from the hot summer sun. Damage to a permanent awning is commonly covered by comprehensive coverage that offers protection for non-collision losses.
  • Sound System: A sound system permanently installed by the manufacturer is generally covered up to $2,500, less your policy deductible.
  • Your Gear: Contents coverage provides for loss or damage to covered property like fishing equipment and bikes contained in your camper when caused by fire or lightning.

Protect Your Camper: Being in an accident can ruin your trip. Here are safety tips to help protect your camper while on the road.

  • Watch Your Height: When you’re driving, it’s critical to know your camper’s exact height and always be on the lookout for things like low-hanging branches.
  • Be Conscious of Your Length: This includes making sure you allow enough room when maneuvering in a parking lot, when overtaking other vehicles on the road or when merging into other lanes.
  • Practice Towing Your Camper: The extra weight of pulling a camper behind your vehicle is important to adjust for by allowing extra space to come to a complete stop and when navigating narrow roads.
  • Practice Parking Before You Go: Parking with a camper can be a challenge but practicing in an empty parking lot before your trip can help prepare.

Before you hit the road this summer, consider these recommendations and choose the insurance coverage that’s right for you. Also, consider purchasing an RV Roadhelp Plan from Allstate Motor Club in case of any unplanned adventures.