With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you’re probably thinking about ways thank your mom for everything she’s done for you. But why just limit it to one day of appreciation?

Here are some ideas for nice things to do for your mom or the mother of your children to help her celebrate Mother’s Day all month long.

Ideas for the Husband

It’s important to remember your own mom on Mother’s Day, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to give your wife a month of special treatment, too. Maybe she’ll even return the kindness next month, for Father’s Day!

Parents Magazine offers the following suggestions for nice things you can do for your wife, which you can spread throughout the month:

  • Take over kid duties so she can pamper herself. Keep the little ones out of her hair for a day or two so she can sleep in, go shopping, read or just relax and do things she might not normally have time to do.
  • Give her a massage. Running after kids, bending to get on their level and picking them up can lead to sore and tired muscles. Pick a day and set up a massage station at your place, where all she has to do for an hour is lie there and relax.
  • Surprise her with a ladies’ lunch. Call all of the husbands of her friends and plan a lunch for the wives on a weekend afternoon. The dads can watch the kids while the moms get a chance to get together for some girl time.

The Huffington Post offers some additional Mother’s Day ideas, including scheduling a date night to try something new or giving your wife a month of argument wins. When conflict arises, tell her you understand her side and don’t put up a fight.

Ideas for the Kids

Young kids may not be able to shop and buy gifts for Mom, but they can do things from the heart to make her feel even more special. The following Mother’s Day ideas can be done throughout the month as little surprises to treat Mom each week or every few days:

  • Take a picture and frame it. Moms often have pictures of their kids loaded up on their phones or computers, but sometimes it’s nice to have a hard copy in a frame. Parents Magazine suggests surprising Mom by giving her a framed photo of the kids, maybe with a frame decorated by the little ones.
  • Work together to give her a break. The Good News Network recommends that the children chip in by cleaning the house, helping with laundry or washing her car. Lending a helping hand all month long may make Mom’s life easier and a little less hectic.
  • Write her a letter. Hugs and thank-yous are great, but why not put down on paper why you appreciate your mom so much? Momtastic suggests writing a heartfelt letter explaining the things your mom does and how much they mean to you. This can be done by kids of any age and may even become a keepsake for her as you get older.

Buying your mom or wife a present for Mother’s Day is a nice gesture, but giving her extra special treatment for a month may mean much more. Remember these creative ideas for showing Mom how much you appreciate her, and turn Mother’s Day into Mother’s Month this year.

Source: https://al.st/2YdXys5