Wondering what to buy your car-loving dad for Father’s Day? From a simple car wash to an unforgettable experience behind the wheel of a race car, here are some Father’s Day gift ideas geared toward a dad with a passion for cars.

A Clean Car

If your dad appreciates a clean car — or could use a hand in that department — consider creating a car wash kit. A bucket filled with car-wash essentials, like soap, glass cleaner, and a sponge, may make a good gift for your car-loving dad, Martha Stewart suggests. As a bonus, include vouchers he can redeem for you to do the job.

If dad’s car is a job for the pros, detailing may also make a good Father’s Day gift, Angie’s List says. 

Car Accessories

Could your dad’s car use some additional sprucing up? Spring for all-weather floormats, which may help protect a car floor from stains, suggests Cars.com. Or opt for gadgets that may be useful in a pinch, such as a handheld jump starter or an escape tool that may help your dad exit his car in an emergency, says Time.

Also, consider giving a nod to your dad’s enthusiasm for cars with personal accessories. Does your dad wear formal attire? One idea from Cars.com is to help him add a touch of personality with cufflinks designed to look like speedometers.

Dad’s Dream Car

If your dad’s dream car is a bit out of financial reach, a replica may be the next best thing. Wrap up a die-cast model for your dad to build and display, suggests Business Insider. Or, help him add a little flair to his workspace with a race-car inspired computer mouse, says Forbes. Though he won’t be able to take it for a spin, your dad will likely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Quality Time With Cars and You

If you’d rather spend Father’s Day creating new memories, celebrate Dad by taking him to a car show. Find a car show near you, or check out Edmunds’ calendar for events across the county. If there’s not a car show near you on Father’s Day, offer Dad a voucher for a trip to an upcoming event. Whether your dad enjoys classic cars or muscle cars, he may enjoy admiring some with you by his side.

More Car-Related Experiences

If you want to take the experience a step or two further, consider giving dad a chance to drive a special car. You may be able to rent a fancy sports car for him to drive for a day, says Cars.com.

If race cars are more up his alley, check out a local racing facility that offers instruction and firsthand track experience for amateurs, Money says. Get more details from a racetrack or racing school near you.

Father’s Day is a good time to show appreciation for your dad. If your dad loves cars, think outside the box and aim for a car-related gift he’ll remember for years to come.