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Whether you own your home or a condo, rent a house, have a vacation home, or just need some additional insurance coverage to protect your property, Obernauer Insurance Agency can help.

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There’s an Insurance Policy to Cover Your Situation

Homeowners Insurance Coverage
Coverage may include: broad coverage for house damage and limited coverage for personal property, detached structures, loss of use, and personal liability. Exclusions vary based on the policy.

Condominium Insurance Coverage
Coverage may include: possessions (contents) and liability. This type of coverage is necessary for coverage that is not provided by the condominium association.

Specialty Homeowners Coverage
Covers against hazards specifically listed in the policy. Specialty Homeowners insurance has more limited coverage than typical homeowners insurance. Fills the gap between DP-1 and HO-3. Product may be a good fit for customers facing cancellations or non-renewals. Target market includes homes that may not be eligible in the standard market due to age or value.

Manufactured Home Coverage
Covers the mobile home, structures on the same piece of land, personal property, and personal liability.

house3High Value Home Coverage
Covers the home, contents, and may have increased jewelry and antiques limits. Addresses the unique coverage needs of high value home customers.

Dwelling fire Coverage
Covers against a variety of hazards. Dwelling Fire home insurance has more limited coverage than typical homeowners insurance, and only covers the hazards specifically listed in the policy.




Renters Insurance Coverage

Renters insurance typically covers more than just your possessions. Whether you rent an apartment, rent a condo, or rent a room in a private home, or you have a student who is away at school, renters insurance provides coverage for events like theft, vandalism, fire and smoke damage, and water damage and other qualifying “perils”.

Below are some of the specific types of coverage available with a renters’ policy.

Keep in mind a deductible will apply if you choose any of these additional types of coverage.

Personal Property Protection. This covers the loss of your personal property if it’s stolen or damaged. (There are limits on the coverage of some belongings but you can increase your coverage limits.)

Family Liability Protection. This can help protect you from financial loss if you’re legally obligated to pay for another person’s injuries or damage to another person’s property. Renter’s Insurance doesn’t cover everything. Check with your landlord to make sure they carry the appropriate coverage on the dwelling you’re living in.

Floods, earthquakes, and water (sewer) backups are excluded from most renters insurance policies. Here at Obernauer Insurance Agency, we’re happy to talk to you about getting additional insurance to cover those events.

Need help figuring out what your possessions are worth and how much coverage you should get? Just give us a call at 412- 489-6443. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and to help you choose the right insurance coverage for you as a renter.


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There are Additional Types of Coverage for Specific Types of Risks

Scheduled Personal Property Coverage
Covers personal items that basic home insurance may not or when additional coverage is needed. Examples of items that can be covered include: antiques, paintings, guns, fine furs, jewelry, musical instruments, and other collectibles.

Excess Flood Coverage
Covers against flood damage to various property types which may include coverage for contents. Flood insurance should be considered, in addition to homeowners policies, especially in flood prone areas

Earthquake Coverage
Covers against damage resulting directly from an earthquake. Coverages may include: dwelling, property and living expenses.

Event Coverage
Coverage may include liability and/or cancellation insurance protection to hosts and honorees for private events as well as liability for select corporate and organization events. Acceptable events may be: wedding anniversary party, business dinner, or fund raiser.


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