Does Car Insurance Cover Hitting A Deer?


Does Car Insurance Cover Hitting A Deer?   Comprehensive coverage on your car insurance policy typically covers deer accidents. Comprehensive coverage may help pay to repair or replace your vehicle if it's damaged when you hit a deer. Keep in mind that for comprehensive coverage to apply, your vehicle must make physical contact with the deer. [...]

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Wind Damage?


Homeowners insurance typically covers wind damage, but in some cases, exclusions may apply. Here are some things to consider when it comes to wind damage and homeowners insurance. WHEN IS WIND DAMAGE COVERED BY HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE? Windstorms are among the perils generally covered by homeowners insurance. Some homeowners policies exclude coverage for wind damage, though. It's a good [...]

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Diamond Engagement And Wedding Ring Insurance Options


Getting engaged can be one of the most memorable times of a couple's life. Having a burglar break into your home and steal the engagement ring, however, can be devastating. The good news is that with a little advance planning, your homeowners or renters insurance policy may help cover the cost of a stolen engagement [...]

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Why You Need An Annual Insurance Review


The New Year is a time when many people pledge to lose weight and be more organized, but it's also a good time to resolve to better protect your family's home and belongings with an annual homeowners insurance review. Why is a yearly check-in with your insurance agent important? THE BENEFITS OF AN ANNUAL INSURANCE REVIEW Many homeowners [...]

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Health Tips for Better Life Insurance Rates


Once you sign a life insurance policy, your rate is typically secured for the duration of the policy. This doesn’t leave much opportunity for you to improve the life insurance rate by changing your lifestyle, but if you are considering a new life insurance policy in the future, some healthy-living tips can help shave dollars [...]

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Product Recalls for October 2014


To help keep your home and family safe, we want to let you know of some of the most recent household-related product recalls that could potentially affect you and your family. Kidde Hard-Wired Smoke & Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms Sale Dates: January 2014 through July 2014 Hazard: The alarms could fail to alert consumers of a [...]

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