Road Rage: Drive with Caution


If you have any type of commute, I’m sure you’ve seen it.  One driver cuts off another, and the drivers begin waving at each other – well, waiving with one finger.  Or maybe it’s a cautious driver in the left lane who is being pursued so closely by the vehicle behind them that they appear [...]

Road Rage: Drive with Caution2022-04-29T02:50:51+00:00

Motorcyclists: Tips for Choosing Protective Gear


Before you take your motorcycle on the road, it’s important to consider what gear may help you stay safe and comfortable during your ride. Protective gear serves two purposes: protection and comfort, according to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). Here are some tips to consider while choosing the appropriate gear for your ride. Make Safety a Priority Properly [...]

Motorcyclists: Tips for Choosing Protective Gear2020-10-29T16:03:18+00:00

Prep for the Autumn Roads Ahead


There’s a lot to love about autumn — the changing leaves, pumpkin carving, sweater weather — but when it comes to getting behind the wheel of a car, the change in season from summer to fall can add some challenges. With the wetter, frostier conditions, fallen leaves and fewer hours of daylight, it’s a good idea [...]

Prep for the Autumn Roads Ahead2020-10-29T18:19:28+00:00
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