How to Safely Use a Remote Car Starter


Remote car starters can be convenient, especially on really cold or hot days. You can use them to heat up or cool off your car before you get into it, so you can have a more pleasant ride. But, factors like theft, accidental starting and fumes may all be worries if you aren’t familiar with these devices. [...]

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Home Maintenance Checklist – Spring Cleaning Tips


Below is a home maintenance check list offering spring cleaning tips and advice to get your home's systems in good working order for the upcoming warmer months. Have your air conditioning system professionally serviced. Change/clean HVAC air filters. Clear debris from around the outside air conditioner and remove the cover if applicable. Inspect windows and [...]

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Product Recalls for October 2014


To help keep your home and family safe, we want to let you know of some of the most recent household-related product recalls that could potentially affect you and your family. Kidde Hard-Wired Smoke & Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms Sale Dates: January 2014 through July 2014 Hazard: The alarms could fail to alert consumers of a [...]

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