4 Winter DIY Home Improvement Ideas


It’s the dead of the winter and you’re cooped up inside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. If you are looking for some DIY home improvement projects for the coldest months of the year, try one of the ideas below.

1. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can make a room feel like new. You may not want to paint during the winter if you live in a climate that prevents you from opening windows and doors to air out the fumes, but a using particular type of paint may help. Fox Business says Low-VOC paints—those with fewer volatile organic compounds—don’t give off the strong fumes that conventional paints do and can be used safely within a closed-up home. Painting a room or two should be fairly inexpensive and can make your home more attractive—while giving you something to do.

2. Spruce Up Your Cabinets

To add a little color or design to your kitchen, start with your cabinets. Better Homes and Gardens suggests first removing some of the doors on your cabinets to showcase your dishes. For an extra pop of color, the magazine recommends painting the inside of the cabinets as well. Or, Country Living says, putting wallpaper pieces or decorative contact paper in the back of open and glass-front cabinets can create a nice backdrop for fine dishes.

3. Update Your Window Décor

A simple change to your window treatments can brighten up a room or add a splash of color. If you take the easy route, you can buy a premade window covering and install it yourself. If you’re more the DIY type, Better Homes and Gardens suggests making your own using a piece of decorative fabric. You’ll just need to sew a channel for the rod to hang the fabric and seams at the sides and bottom.

4. Fancy Up Your Flooring

If your floors are starting to look worn and ragged, you may want to put your time inside toward updating your flooring. Snap-together flooring comes in wood and laminate options and can be installed in a weekend, The Family Handyman says. These types of floors generally don’t require any sanding, nailing or gluing, so you can update the look of your room fairly easily, according to the website.

Instead of sitting around wishing it was warm enough for you to do something outside, try one of these winter DIY home improvement projects. You may be able to make your house more appealing while keeping yourself busy and entertained — all in the warmth of your home.

Source: https://al.st/2SqsXrv