beautiful couple on the beach in wedding dress

beautiful couple on the beach in wedding dress

A honeymoon can be a very special time. It’s a chance for you to celebrate your new marriage, relax after the stress and excitement of the wedding and enjoy a vacation with your new husband or wife.

But what happens if you unexpectedly need to cancel or postpone your wedding as well as your honeymoon? If you purchase special event cancellation insurance to help cover your wedding, the policy may help protect you in some — but not all — situations in which you need to reschedule or cancel your honeymoon.

How May a Honeymoon Be Covered?

Event cancellation insurance may help cover costs associated with postponing or canceling a planned event, such as a wedding or reception.

You may find that you need to call off your big day due to severe weather (if it prevents the bride, groom, families or guests from attending the wedding), injury or illness to the bride, groom or their immediate family, or the sudden withdrawal of military leave (if the bride or groom is on active military service). In these kinds of scenarios, event insurance may help cover certain expenses, such as non-refundable deposits.

And if a risk covered by your policy affects both your wedding and your honeymoon, event cancellation coverage may help pay the costs of changing your honeymoon plans.