The Road to a Happy Retirement

Ask any two people what a happy retirement looks like and you’re likely to get two very different answers. “Golfing every day and reading presidential memoirs,” one person might say, while another might wax poetic about taking an Alaskan cruise and spending time with grandchildren. Still others might enjoy the peace of mind that comes from feeling financially secure or the satisfaction of volunteering for a worthwhile cause or even working part-time to stay busy and active.


All of these visions for retirement are perfectly valid ways to spend your time, and it’s a good idea to share your definition of a happy retirement with your spouse. You may be surprised to discover that your visions vary slightly, but discussing your goals and priorities can help you create a joint vision that incorporates both of your needs. Share this vision with your financial representative so he can help you set a realistic budget for the activities and lifestyle you want during retirement. Plus, he’ll be able to help you choose the investment vehicles that align with those goals.

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