Quick Fix: How to Make a Door Draft Blocker


Chilly winds can sneak into your house under your door. Not only do these drafts leave your toes cold, they may also waste energy because heat escapes through the opening, Energy.gov notes. This DIY draft blocker helps keeps the heat inside, so you can stay warm and toasty.

Step 1: Measure the Gap

Use a tape measure to determine the size of the gap between the bottom of your exterior door and the floor. The size of the gap under the door will determine what size of pipe insulation you’ll buy, Digital Trends says. You may find that pipe insulation that fits a ½-inch pipe works well. This quick-fix works best with a hard-surface floor, rather than carpeting, as it may be difficult to open or close the door if the insulation comes in contact with carpeting.

Step 2: Gather Supplies

In addition to the pipe insulation, grab work gloves, a utility knife and double-sided tape.

Step 3: Measure the Width

Measure the width of your door.

Step 4: Cut to Fit

While wearing work gloves, carefully cut a portion of pipe insulation to match the width of your door.

Step 5: Install the Insulation

Place the pipe insulation under the door to fill the gap. You may want to use double-sided tape to help secure the insulation, Engineer Your Space says. Consider affixing the tape to the bottom of the door to help prevent any visible damage when you remove the tape. The insulation should stay in place whether the door is open or closed, BobVila.com says.

Source: https://al.st/37Fh0Df